How to be happier?

Let’s try to define happiness… If you’re thinking about a big house or a brand new Maserati in your garage, you’re doing it totally wrong. A common adage that money can’t buy you happiness is even more than applicable here. To be truly happy, you need to understand that feeling, and especially what drives it.

Human emotions are governed by multiple hormones, which we must strive to control to achieve certain goals. As implausible as it may seem, happiness is actually a combination of specific hormone levels. All you need to do is keep these hormone levels boosted to become happier. This is something any Maserati can’t give you.

Here are five happiness hormones with some simple ideas about how to boost them:


To produce oxytocin, build a connection. Feel and touch. Show love or get a hug. These primal actions just always feel right. If you live alone, have a warm conversation with someone you like talking to. It will do just fine.


It is a well-known and easy-to-access happiness factor. Just go outside and get some sun to start being more positive. Vitamin D controls our serotonin level, so on a sunny day, a 20-minute walk is enough to charge your serotonin level for the whole day. Carbohydrates also release substances that are converted into serotonin. And then, there are exercises that will quickly increase the serotonin level in your system. Considering running as a new hobby? For more information about why running is good for our health, see Why you should consider running.


To boost it—just relax. Do whatever calms you down. It can be an evening meditation or a yoga session with some soothing and relaxing music in the background. On the other hand, just as well you can choose a good book or a movie. Blend in estrogen with progesterone to make this vibe even more powerful. Dark chocolate, legumes, eggs, and asparagus are always good sources. Looking for something more sophisticated? Try avocado, mussels, or a bowl of popcorn as an addition to the movie.


Natural painkillers, a substance that can even ease out a chronic pain. To increase your endorphin level, indulge yourself in aromatherapy or light up candles. Prepare an aromatic bath, cover yourself in a lavender or vanilla scent. Similarly to estrogen boosting methods—relax. Laugh loud watching a comedy or add a little spicy hint to your food to feel the endorphins flow.


Finally, take some actions. Challenge yourself every day to get excited about life. Create deadlines and meet them on time.

With this knowledge, prepare your own happiness mixture every day by following these key simple rules.

A takeaway to-do list:

Show love
group of smiling friends outdoors sitting in park
Laugh a lot
Do sports
Eat spicy food
Enjoy sunny days
Set goals and reach them

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