What is your personality color?

Have you ever experienced a hard time trying to communicate with somebody? Have you ever wondered why? It’s because we’re all different and different personality types require a different approach.

We all cope with the same circumstances differently, in our own way. Knowing your personality type will increase your productivity, and being aware how to approach your coworkers will help you get along with them better. In result, you can realize your full potential and appreciate other personality types.

First, a little bit of introduction. Do you know what a cultural iceberg is? It’s a theory that people and icebergs are very much alike, with only a small portion visible to others and a much larger whole hidden beneath the surface. In other words, judging people by looks could be a mistake as they do not reveal all their thoughts and personalities.

What we feel is hidden, what’s visible is only what we want to show. The way we look and dress, our body language, our mannerism are clearly visible. Our origins, childhood, environment we grew up in, knowledge and education, fears, beliefs, prejudices, and past experiences are all concealed within us. In most instances, your personality will influence relationships with your family, friends, classmates, and coworkers, and will contribute to your health and well-being. The driving force behind administering a personality assessment is to open up lines of communication and bring individuals together to have a higher appreciation for one another.


Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin developed a personality assessment method using colors called “True Colors Personality Assessment.” Each color represents a different set of characteristics. They distinguished four colors: gold, blue, green, and orange. Naturally, people are not of only one color but a combination of colors—at least two.

Many multinational companies use such a personality assessment in their hiring processes to better select types of candidates they are looking for. If you’re building a team, you need to keep in mind that a group of people functions best if includes all personality types working together. Depending on your needs, a number of people of each color will be different.

Review the characteristics below to identify yourself. Does any of them seem familiar?



Are you…

Enthusiastic? Sympathetic? Personal? Warm? Communicative? Compassionate? Idealistic? Spiritual? Sincere? Peaceful? Flexible? Imaginative?

At work, do you like to influence others to help in their lives? Do you like to work in the arts, education, or helping professions? In love, do you seek balanced relationships and believe in a true romantic, perfect love that will last forever? Do you enjoy flowers, candlelight, music, and small romantic gestures? Were you a misfit in school? Did you take rejection hard? Did you seek recognition and prefer encouragement to competition?

As a blue personality type, you need to feel unique, must be true to yourself. You always look for symbolism. You above all cherish close relationships, desire quality time with the loved ones. You love nature and animals. In a conversation, you look beyond the surface, share emotions with others. You make your decisions based on feelings. You need harmony, and you bring unity to a society.

Are you GOLD – an ORGANIZER?


Are you…

Loyal? Dependable? Prepared? Thorough? Sensible? Punctual? Faithful? Stable? Organized? Caring? Concerned? Helpful?

At work, do you want to keep things well organized and handle details? Do you believe that hard work comes before play? In love, are you serious and believe in the traditional view of love and marriage, and want to build a long-lasting relationship? Do you demonstrate love and affection through practical things or deeds?

As a gold personality type, you are reliable, responsible, and stable. You feel a need to be useful to the group you belong to, but self-sufficient. You value order, desire punctuality. Your life is based on schedules you constantly create and check out. You make and keep commitments, value rules. You like being prepared, prefer order and cleanliness. You are dedicated and desire a structure. You bring stability to a society.

Are you GREEN – an ANALYZER?

business plan on wall

Are you…

Analytical? Global? Conceptual? Cool? Calm? Collected? Inventive? Logical? Problem—solving? Abstract? Creative? Investigative?

At work, are you an independent thinker? Do you believe that work is play, and do you enjoy challenges and find new ways to do standard routines? In love, do you prefer to think, and then let your heart dictate love? Do you find it difficult to express your feelings, and are you uneasy about emotions? Do you believe that love will take care of itself if it’s love? As a child, did you feel older for your age? Did you need to respect teachers before you could learn from them?

As a green personality type, you are a logical and independent nonconformist. You have your internal system of values, and therefore sometimes you have difficulty in accepting authorities, and don’t like meeting new people. You have the ability to talk publicly. You don’t verbalize emotions but believe in a physical contact rather than words. You need some time to analyze the data (input) you collected. You seek to understand the world, which you’re curious of. You constantly push yourself to improve. You look for intellectual stimulation. You love everything that intrigues you. You like to rearrange systems. You’re focused on the future and bring innovation to a society.


Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 23.26.22

Are you…

Witty? Charming? Spontaneous? Impulsive? Generous? Impactful? Optimistic? Eager? Bold? Physical? Immediate? Courageous?

Are you restless at work? Do you like your independence and freedom, and use your manual skills, like working with tools, for example? In love, do you like to share interest and activities with your significant other, and explore new ways to energize your relationship? Do you believe that giving extravagant gifts brings pleasure to your loved ones? As a child, did you have trouble fitting into the school routine? Did you learn by experience rather than listening or reading, and were you driven by your competitive nature and a sense of fun?

As an orange personality type, you’re spontaneous. You’re an impulsive risk-taker, and an active, optimistic person. You resist commitment but thrive on crises. You like to be the center of attention, you need variety in your life. You’re drawn to active jobs, for you are a dynamic and animated communicator. You like competing with others. You’re bold in relationships, generous, but having difficulties finding acceptance. You live here and now. You bring excitement to a society.

Test yourself

Now that you might have an idea about what color mix are you, you can calculate that based on the following simple form:


Take a look at the four sets of three words. Do not analyze each word, just get a sense of each set. Grade them by leaving one “x” mark in a row under one set of words. Classify them from the most like you to the least like you: 4=most, 3=a lot, 2=somewhat, 1=least.


Active, Spontaneous, Flexible
Organized, Planned, Responsible
Warm, Helpful, Authentic
Learning, Inventive, Quiet
1  x
2 x
3 x
4  x

Based on the above example, perform the same steps for the following tables:

Active, Spontaneous, Flexible
Organized, Planned, Responsible
Warm, Helpful, Authentic
Learning, Inventive, Quiet
Curious, Conceptual, Problem Solver
Caring, Communicative, Empathetic 
Honest, Dependable, On-time
Competitive, Impactful, Challenging 
Helpful, Loyal, Conservative 
Understanding, Devoted, Warm 
Palyful, Independent, Open-minded
Exploring, Theoretical, Ingenious
Useful, Cooperative, Procedural
Active, Daring, Impulsive
Sharing, Inspirational, Getting along
Complex, Determined, Perfectionist 
Seeking info, Rational, Philosophical
Sympathetic, Approachable, Easygoing
Courageous, Skillful, Exciting 
Careful, Conventinal, Proud  

To make counting easier, insert all scores into a single table, like the below example.
Each row corresponds to one of the five tables from the previous task.

A 2 4 3 1
B 2 1 4 3
C 4 2 1 3
D 1 2 3 4
E 1 2 3 4

Make simple final calculations to know what colors is your personality a mix of:

Orange = A1+B4+C3+D2+E3
Green = A4+B1+C4+D4+E1
Gold = A2+B3+C1+D1+E4
Blue = A3+B2+C2+D3+E2

The example test outcome: Gold 17, Green 11, Blue 11, Orange 11.

Now you should know what your true colors are. Review the following list to be more aware of what common mistakes you’ve possibly made during conversations and what should you say or do to improve the conversation’s quality.

Here’s the list of common mistakes we make in conversations:


Beating around the bush, not going straight to the conversation point
Taking things personally
Mistaking intensity for anger or hostility
Using emotional appeals


Close-minded to change
Finger wagging
“Check it off” blinders
Stuck on specific
Martyrdom and complaining (no one else does it “right”)


Point out mistakes first
Data dumping
Data diving
Unreasonable expectations
Living in their heads. They do not realize that other people might think or do things a different way.


Ready, fire, aim
Bulldozing intensity
Highly multitasking

How to better communicate with each other?

Better-Communication-P1To better communicate with Blues:

Show them that you care
Acknowledge them
Show appreciation
Let them help you
Have patience
Don’t “bark” orders

To better communicate with Golds:

Involve them
Be prepared for the conversation you’re about to have
Give them the details
Stay on target
Be consistent
Show them respect
Don’t interrupt
Recognize their contribution

To better communicate with Greens:

Give them the details
Allow them time to ponder
Skip the small talk
Avoid redundancy
Give the big picture or main points first, fill in details if asked
Don’t misinterpret their need for info as nosiness

To better communicate with Oranges:

“Be brief, be bright, be gone,” try to be as quick as possible  
Use “sound bites” to get their attention
Move with them while they multitask
Appreciate their flair
Allow options and flexibility
Lighten up

What is the actual outcome and advantage you get based on this test?


The most important to me is that you build your awareness of things and processes you haven’t known of before. That’s the first and crucial step. Unless we consciously think about something, figure out pros and cons of the situation, analyze our own benefits, we do not truly realize their existence. This is how our brain works.

After you realize that personality differentiations exist (they can have different names, and their colors can differ), you need to try to obey to these communication rules associated with each color. Try to identify a person you talk to based on these rules and then align your conversation with the appropriate approach. Start with your family and your relatives. You probably know them the longest. It should be easy to identify their personality colors and maybe find the communication mistakes you’ve subconsciously made over the years.

If you don’t feel convinced enough or think this method is too simple, think that way: we need to at least try to define and categorize people based on their personality to get the best out of them, to fit them into our organizations and teams. What method would work better and be easier to learn and memorize, bring to everyday life than the simplest one? 🙂

I guarantee you, it’s easier than you think and more beneficial to you than you might suspect.


As a leader, you should identify different personality types on your team to more accurately address their needs. Based on that, create tailored roles for them. As you know, each personality will require a different approach, but will also bring you and your organization a number benefits.


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