Leadership coaching with Peter Strupp

Everyone seems equal in the world of advanced technology. It’s because we all have access to the same source of knowledge—the Internet. All we need is to read what’s out there. It seems quite simple, right? I notice that people often need answers to more complex questions. They look for solutions to their teams’ problems, new innovative […]

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Why you should consider making meditation a habit?

Are you always in a hurry circulating between work and home? Are you so busy thinking that you don’t even know what were you thinking about? Have you become less creative recently? Yes, I know exactly what it’s like. What I also know, is what can get your mojo back. If you’re not so eager […]

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How to be happier?

Let’s try to define happiness… If you’re thinking about a big house or a brand new Maserati in your garage, you’re doing it totally wrong. A common adage that money can’t buy you happiness is even more than applicable here. To be truly happy, you need to understand that feeling, and especially what drives it. […]

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