Does leadership matter?

There’s no doubt that our personality, in one way or another,  determines who we are also at work: as employees, managers, or leaders. It’s very hard to change some of our behaviors, especially our emotional reactions. Yet knowledge of the relations between our personality and our present or future leadership effectiveness can be extremely beneficial. […]

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What is your personality color?

Have you ever experienced a hard time trying to communicate with somebody? Have you ever wondered why? It’s because we’re all different and different personality types require a different approach. We all cope with the same circumstances differently, in our own way. Knowing your personality type will increase your productivity, and being aware how to […]

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What makes a great leader?

A great leader is someone whose legacy continues even if they’re gone, like Steve Jobs. To me, Steve Jobs is one of the most inspiring leaders ever, but I admire Alan Trefler just as much. I respect their intelligence, vision, and extreme motivation. I quietly and humbly aspire to one day be like them. If […]

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Why you should consider running?

For sure you have heard a lot about running. “Running will help keeping your brain and body healthy”, “After you start, you will not quit easily,” “I feel so much better after a daily jog”. But why isn’t it enough for you to start? What is running all about? Here are a couple of reasons […]

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