Why you should consider making meditation a habit?

Are you always in a hurry circulating between work and home? Are you so busy thinking that you don’t even know what were you thinking about? Have you become less creative recently? Yes, I know exactly what it’s like. What I also know, is what can get your mojo back. If you’re not so eager […]

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How to build psychological safety in your team and why?

What’s a key to a team’s high performance? I’ll give you a hint—it’s simple, and yet not everyone realizes its importance. It starts with a letter T. Yes, it’s trust. There’s no team without trust. Let me try to convince you by introducing a few simple questions. What highly effective teams have in common? They […]

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Can you define your business strategy?

Let me start with a question: Can you give a 35-word or less summary of your company’s business strategy? If so, can your colleagues do it as well? Before you answer, let me tell you a secret: Most executives cannot articulate the objective, scope, and advantage of their own businesses in simple words. If they can’t, […]

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Who we are is how we lead

What is leadership truly about? It’s about people, about teams, groups, and organizations. By definition, a leader is a person who is in charge of the organization and all its departments.  Is leadership important? Good leadership enables teams, groups, and organizations to grow and prosper. On the other hand, poor leadership lowers the quality of life […]

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Does leadership matter?

There’s no doubt that our personality, in one way or another,  determines who we are also at work: as employees, managers, or leaders. It’s very hard to change some of our behaviors, especially our emotional reactions. Yet knowledge of the relations between our personality and our present or future leadership effectiveness can be extremely beneficial. […]

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What is your personality color?

Have you ever experienced a hard time trying to communicate with somebody? Have you ever wondered why? It’s because we’re all different and different personality types require a different approach. We all cope with the same circumstances differently, in our own way. Knowing your personality type will increase your productivity, and being aware how to […]

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Five components of emotional intelligence

How do you define emotional intelligence? There are many definitions, but I believe that the first we should ask two fundamental questions: “Is this a must-have for the good leader?” and “Can this be learned?” An emotional intelligence is two times more valuable than our IQ level or the technical skills. And, yes, it most […]

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How to be happier?

Let’s try to define happiness… If you’re thinking about a big house or a brand new Maserati in your garage, you’re doing it totally wrong. A common adage that money can’t buy you happiness is even more than applicable here. To be truly happy, you need to understand that feeling, and especially what drives it. […]

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